Suffer from Fungal Nails?

Suffer from Fungal Nails? Here are some reasons why should consult a footcare practitioner. If you suffer from nail fungus, don’t be worried or embarrassed, you’re far from alone. It’s a morecommon condition than you’d think. The first signs of nail fungus or ‘onychomycosis’ are when yourtoenail begins to develop yellow or white spots towards […]

Suffer from Verruca?

Suffer from Verruca? Here are some reasons why should consult a footcare practitioner. It’s not uncommon to have suffered from a verruca. They usually appear on the ball of your toes orfeet and appear as hardened skin. The medical term for this is ‘Planar Wart’ or ‘Verruca Plantaris’,and they come in two types. If you have […]

Why Footcare Is Important for Your Overall Health

Why Footcare Is Important for Your Overall Health You may not realise it, but your feet undergo a lot of stress and pressure daily. Especially in themodern day, with most of being busier and more active than ever before. However, at the sametime, with all this hecticness in our lives, more and more of us […]

How orthopaedic footwear can help you with your knee or hip problems

What is orthopaedic footwear? You may have heard the term orthopaedic footwear and immediately considered it as being only of use to old people who will have issues with their feet, however, you couldn’t be further from the truth. These specialist shoes are worn by people both young and old. They can be of benefit […]

Why We Should Strengthen Our Feet

Believe or not, the entire weight of your body is supported by your feet that contain just 26 small bones. Most of us don’t appreciate this nor the amount of strain and stress they are put under daily through the thousands of steps we each take. That’s why due to the amount of strain they […]

Why You should Wear Toe Separators

Most of us take for granted just how much our feet do for us each and every day and the strain that they undertake during the thousands of steps we make each and every day. And although some of us may appreciate just how much we use our feet, not all of us take as […]

What are the causes of burning feet?

With the amount of stress and strain our feet take supporting our bodies each day over the thousands of steps we make, eventually, this can lead to some discomfort. We’re going to look at one discomfort you can experience with your feet today and that is burning feet. You may have suffered from burning feet […]

What is healthy Footwear?

What is classed as healthy footwear? Throughout our lifetimes we will end up having completed an incomprehensible number of steps. Even more, if you fancy yourself as an avid runner or a hiker. As time goes on your feet which are bearing the whole weight of your body can start to get tired. As you […]

Does Psoriasis affect your feet? 

Psoriasis is a skin condition that causes red, flaky patches of skin. Despite mainly affecting areas such as the elbows and knees, you can develop Psoriasis anywhere on your body meaning this condition does, in fact, affect the feet. In some cases, Psoriasis patches can be sore and itchy which can cause discomfort to the […]

Losing a Toenail Isn’t the End of the World, or is it?

Many different reasons can lead to your toenail falling off. And when the dreaded time does come and it falls off it can seem like your world is falling apart. However, it doesn’t have to be that way at all. That’s why today we’re going to look at some of the reasons that could have […]