Does Psoriasis affect your feet? 

April 1, 2023

Psoriasis is a skin condition that causes red, flaky patches of skin. Despite mainly affecting areas such as the elbows and knees, you can develop Psoriasis anywhere on your body meaning this condition does, in fact, affect the feet. In some cases, Psoriasis patches can be sore and itchy which can cause discomfort to the sufferer. As a licensed foot care practitioner, I understand Psoriasis can also flare up as a result of triggers, such as emotional stress. It’s also very important to note that because psoriasis is what we call an autoimmune disease it is not contagious so there is no danger of passing it onto your friends or family. 

Although location can vary, Psoriasis more typically affects the soles of the feet. Psoriasis on the foot can feel particularly sore and painful especially walking around on the affected area. Furthermore although not always the case, Psoriasis can cause toenails to look swollen or dented. This can not only cause pain and pressure on your feet over time but it also affects peoples confidence. It’s important not to confuse psoriasis with athletes foot. Although both affect the toes athletes foot tends to affect between the toes and psoriasis the toenails and your toes themselves. Although if the symptoms seem very similar the only way to truly tell whether it is in fact psoriasis is through what is called a skin test 

Despite Psoriasis having no definite cure, there is a range of ways to help you manage your condition reducing flare-ups and to help you reduce your symptoms. Psoriasis is nothing to be embarrassed about so please do not be ashamed to seek help with managing this condition. Managing Psoriasis of the feet can prove to be difficult due to its location but it is possible and my job as a licensed foot care practitioner is to help you do that. 

For more support regarding this condition please visit my website: With my expertise, I am equipped to help you deal with conditions affecting your feet and offer my support. I’m also on hand to answer any questions you have about any other foot conditions or the best practices for taking care of your feet.


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