Suffer from Fungal Nails?

April 1, 2023

Suffer from Fungal Nails? Here are some reasons why should consult a footcare practitioner.

If you suffer from nail fungus, don’t be worried or embarrassed, you’re far from alone. It’s a more
common condition than you’d think. The first signs of nail fungus or ‘onychomycosis’ are when your
toenail begins to develop yellow or white spots towards the tip. The further the fungus dives down
deeper into your nail the more you’ll notice that it will start to discolour more evidently. If this
fungus is affecting wider areas of your foot and between toes, this is the what’s commonly referred
to as ‘athletes’ foot’.

Typically, if the nail fungus isn’t too discoloured and it’s causing you significant pain or discomfort
when you stand up or walk, you may be able to soldier on without needing treatment. However, if
the fungus has escalated to the point, you’re finding yourself in pain and it has thickened the nail, it’s
advised that you seek medical help. Your first port of call may be to try an over-the-counter remedy,
which may resolve the issue temporarily, however, if it doesn’t clear the fungus up in its entirety, it
will simply keep returning.

Failing to seek the correct medical help can not only lead to the fungus returning time after time but
can contribute to the development of other health issues. If the disease begins to spread beyond
your feet it can lead to a greater chance of developing cellulitis or a bacterial skin infection. And so
even though the nail fungus on a single nail may seem mildly insignificant, neglecting treatment on
the grand scale of things can put your whole bodies health at risk.

The next step if the self-care or over-the-counter remedies haven’t been successful is to seek the
expertise of a foot healthcare practitioner. They have been trained specially to deal with foot
related diseases and infections such as fungal nails. They have seen it all before so you’ve nothing to
be ashamed or afraid of, and they’ll be able to look at all solutions going forward to get you back on
your feet in no time at all.

If you want to know more about how I can help you with your nail fungus infection, don’t hesitate to
get in touch with me. I’m more than happy to discuss how I can help and get you back on your feet.
I’ve helped many satisfied clients in the past with all manner of foot-related issues so I’m confident I
can be of assistance to you.


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