Why Footcare Is Important for Your Overall Health

April 1, 2023

Why Footcare Is Important for Your Overall Health

You may not realise it, but your feet undergo a lot of stress and pressure daily. Especially in the
modern day, with most of being busier and more active than ever before. However, at the same
time, with all this hecticness in our lives, more and more of us are forgetting to look after our feet.
Caring after your feet goes beyond purely appearances or a new nail polish, and instead should be
an all-year-round activity.

The first reason why you should look after your feet more thoroughly than you are now is that
essentially, they’re what get us from A to B. On average, each of us, throughout our lifetimes will
walk approximately 100,000 miles. Neglecting your foot health can lead to a deterioration of
mobility and can eventually leaving you struggling to carry out your daily activities. And our feet are
far from simple to understand and get our heads around. Each of your feet contain a total of 26
bones and 33 joints. In addition to this there a complicated network of tendons, arteries and veins.
And considering your feet are so small in comparison to your arms and legs, that’s a heavily crowded

Some of us even rely on our feet for our jobs. For example, one of the most important tools that a
footballer has is his feet. And so any neglect on healthcare for a footballer could lead to a potential
early exit from the sport or ongoing injuries resulting in a decline career-wise.
To ensure that you’re taking adequate care of your feet, there’s certain tasks you’re going to want to
ensure you’re carrying out daily. And one of these is to wash your feet with care. Whilst you’re in the
bath/shower, you’re going to want to use a shower gel or soap to clean your feet thoroughly,
including between your toes. The health benefits of this are that not only does it keep it clean, but it
keeps bacteria away and at the same time will remove any dead skin. Moving on from washing your
feet, before you go to sleep at night, moisturize your feet thoroughly. In the morning you’ll feel the
benefits of this with them feeling soft.

However, not all foot healthcare tasks have to be carried daily. There are certain things you’ll want
to ensure you’re carrying out, at the very minimum, every week. These include trimming your nails
to stop any bacteria, sweat and fungus gathering below your nails. It’s also advised to smoothen and
file your nails following this trim. You may want to also undergo a thorough clean of your feet, a
more extensive one than that you carry out daily.

Neglecting your feet can also lead to significant health problems as they’re one of the furthest parts
of the body from the central organ, the heart. Any health diseases that are developed can
sometimes restrict or slow down the blood flow to the feet. This means that over time your feet
won’t be getting the oxygen that they so vitally need, eventually leading to a slowdown in mobility.
This can be something you’re certainly going to want to watch out for if you’re a diabetic. If you have
diabetes you have a much bigger chance of foot disease or injury. These health issues can range
from as little as minor sores and scratches on your feet, to even lasting damage and the risk of
amputation. Therefore, as a diabetic you need to make sure that your foot health and looking after
your feet is one of your top priorities in order to give you the best chance of avoiding injuries.
Other health issues your feet can incur include what are referred to as ‘bunions’ that mainly affect
the joint in your big toe. Over time if not treated these can swell up and cause you discomfort and
can jointly affect your mobility. A more common issue is a verruca, which is a patch of hard skin
typically on the base of one or more of your toes and at the same time is highly contagious. If you
feel that you’ve got a verruca, you’ll want to go to your near chemist to try an over the counter
solution. Occasionally however, this won’t work and will require you to consult your foot care
practitioner in order to get the issue resolved.

So how can you prevent damage to your feet? Where here are some of the preventative measures
you can take: –

  • Undertake regular checks or inspections of your feet.
  • Always stretch.
  • Change your socks daily and your shoes often.
  • Wash your feet daily including moisturizing them.
  • Keep your feet dry. If they’ve been soaked, dry them off.
  • Soak your feet in a warm foot bath.
    And there are also things you should be avoiding including: –
  • Don’t wear shoes that are too small for you.
  • If you’re sitting for elongated periods, don’t cross your legs.
  • Don’t expose your feet to either very hot or very cold temperatures.
  • Wear tight socks
  • Smoking (this decreases the circulation of blood to your feet and toes).

There are sometimes signs that you might be suffering from foot-related health issues. The most
obvious indicator being if you’re walking and you’re feeling uncomfortable and it’s taking both a
physical and mental strain on you. If you find yourself in this scenario it’s heavily advisable to seek
the advice of a healthcare professional so not as to let the issue exacerbate itself. The longer you let
the issue develop, the bigger chance you’ve got of letting this create a wider impact on your body’s

If you want to know more about the importance of footcare and the impact not doing so can have
on your overall health, or if you want to know how our services can improve your foot health, don’t
hesitate to get in touch. We’d be more than happy to see how we can help you. And hopefully today
you’ve learnt more about just how important our feet are.


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