Suffer from Verruca?

April 1, 2023

Suffer from Verruca? Here are some reasons why should consult a footcare practitioner.

It’s not uncommon to have suffered from a verruca. They usually appear on the ball of your toes or
feet and appear as hardened skin. The medical term for this is ‘Planar Wart’ or ‘Verruca Plantaris’,
and they come in two types. If you have a single verruca this is referred to as a ‘solitary’ wart.
However, if you’ve noticed quite a few smaller warts growing in conjunction with one another, these
are called ‘mosaic’ warts.

Believe it or not, verrucae are evidence of your foot encountering the human papillomavirus or what
is also referred to as HPV. Signs you’ve contracted this virus as we’ve mentioned already is hardened
skin on the base of your foot. You may also feel a fair deal of discomfort when walking or touching
near the verruca. Tiny black dots may also appear on the top of the verruca, which is a sign of the
presence of blood trying to fight off the virus.

So, if you’ve discovered you have a verruca, how do you get rid of it or them depending what type
you have? Well, your first thought might be to hop down to your local pharmacist and pick up and
over-the-counter medicine in the hope that will resolve the issue. And sometimes they will resolve
the issue however over time many people have noticed that the verruca returns as it wasn’t
completely removed initially, but only temporarily.

The next step and a more permanent solution are to seek the expertise and wisdom of a qualified
and professional foot care practitioner. They are trained specially to help people like yourself with
feet-related issues. Verrucae will very rarely resolve themselves naturally and so it’s best advised to
seek the involvement of a foot care practitioner.

They will be able to take a closer look at your verruca and establish what the best way forward is.
This can sometimes involve some light surgery to provoke the antibodies within your body to attack
the virus head-on and heal the virus in its entirety. This isn’t a painful procedure and will be a more
sustainable option as the verruca won’t be coming back with a vengeance. This means that going
forward you won’t be put in a state of discomfort or inconvenienced by these warts.
If you want to know more about how I can help you with your feet-related health issues don’t
hesitate to get in touch with me. I’m more than happy to discuss how I can help and get you back on
your feet. I’ve helped many satisfied clients in the past with all manner of foot-related issues so I’m
confident I can be of assistance to you.


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