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Foot Care 

Cutting & Filing Nails, Reducing Any Thickness Of Nails, Cleaning Of Nail Edge Clearing Debris (Preventing The Risk Of Ingrowing Nails), Cleaning Debri On Nail Plate & Nail Matrix, Debridement Of Dead Tissue (Encouraging New Health Tissue To Grow), Treating If/any Corns, Athletes Feet, Ingrowing Nail, Verruca, Cracked Heals Or Any Other Lesions With Fhp Remit. Followed By Aftercare Advice. 


foot care and pedi wash

Cutting & filing nails, reducing any thickness of nails, cleaning of nail edge clearing debris (preventing the risk of ingrowing nails), cleaning debri on nail plate & nail matrix, debridement of dead tissue (encouraging new health tissue to grow), treating if/any corns, athletes feet, ingrowing nail, verruca, cracked heals or any other lesions with FHP remit. Foot Soak, Deep Foot Scrub, Deep Hydrating Foot Mask finished with professional medicated foot cream. Followed by aftercare advice.