How orthopaedic footwear can help you with your knee or hip problems

April 1, 2023

What is orthopaedic footwear?

You may have heard the term orthopaedic footwear and immediately considered it as being only of use to old people who will have issues with their feet, however, you couldn’t be further from the truth. These specialist shoes are worn by people both young and old. They can be of benefit to people who suffer from foot-related issues and are intended to support your foot, ankle and leg.

There is a way to establish an orthopaedic shoe from a normal shoe and that is through a few mutual characteristics and these are as follows: –

  • You can remove the sole inside the shoe, the soles of an orthopaedic shoe are tailored to the person. This facility also means the soles can be upgraded over time as the condition of the foot issue begins to improve over time.
  • You can choose varying widths and sizes when it comes to your shoes.
  • They are incredibly easy to fasten – if you’ve issues with your legs or hips in addition to your foot, the chances are you are limited when it comes to your flexibility. These shoes are quick and easy to fasten so that you’re not straining yourself spending up to a minute tying laces.
  • The soles inside are cushioned and comfortable for the foot to rest on.

What conditions can orthopaedic footwear help?

By now you might be wondering if wearing these shoes can help you – there are a wide range of ailments or conditions that can be helped by wearing these shoes and these include but are not limited to: –

  • Flat feet
  • Swollen Feet
  • Heel Spurs
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Those who have recently had foot surgery.

Are orthopaedic shoes for me?

Not enough of us quite appreciate how much we rely on our hips, legs and feet and how much stress and strain that they can end up enduring. This strain over time can then develop into any of the aforementioned ailments that are related to your feet. When you find yourself suffering from a foot, hip or leg condition of any type, it’s essential you give it as much support as possible. Also in the past, people were conscious of the ‘style’ of traditional orthopaedic shoes being a bit too ‘big and clunky’, however, fortunately, the style of these shoes have come a long way be more accommodating of those who are ‘fashion-conscious’.

However, most of the time you will be recommended by your local health professional to see a Pedothirst who will measure your feet and assess you individually to best decide what type of shoe would benefit you and your condition. You’ll want to steer away from just purchasing any ‘orthopaedic shoe’ as just because it has orthopaedic in the name doesn’t quite guarantee quality. Always seek the referral of a professional as if it isn’t tailored to your foot and your condition, it could go as far as to do cause more harm than good.

How can my footcare services help alongside the use of orthopaedic shoes?

Nobody at all is exempt from the natural wear and tear that our shoes, legs and hips will endure. However, taking care of your feet can slow down this degradation and keep you healthy and fit. I was a footcare practitioner specialise in a range of non-invasive treatments aimed at alleviating pain associated with the foot and ankle. These specialised shoes can also help in the treatment of lower black pain. Issues with your feet can quickly spread up the body and are referred to as the domino effect, eventually causing pain to your pelvis and spine if you’re not proactive in tackling this head on. 

You can opt for just a foot care treatment that includes: –

  • Cutting and filing
  • Cleaning debris
  • Treatment of Athletes Foot
  • Treatment of ingrown nails
  • Treatment of verruca’s
  • Treatment of cracked heels

I also offer an additional service in the form of a ‘Pedi wash’ which includes a foot soak, a deep foot scrub and a hydrating foot mask. As well as providing footcare services there is also a range of products you can buy from my website or in person that can help alongside orthopaedic footwear.

Summing it all up

Hopefully, if you didn’t know what orthopaedic shoes were and what the benefits of them were, now you do. If you’re suffering from any type of condition that concerns your foot, hip or leg, it’s better doing something about it now rather than later. This involves getting yourself some appropriate footwear as we’ve mentioned today and giving your feet the care and attention they need through an appointment with a foot care practitioner. That’s why you should get in touch with Teena, your local foot practitioner/health care professionals. 


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