Before we look into why you should use a Doppler on your foot, first we need to look at what exactly it is. A Doppler is a form of ultrasound that uses sound waves to measure how blood is flowing through your arteries and veins. It does intend to find any issues with blood flow. Abnormal blood flow in your feet can lead to a range of issues with your feet including blood clots and burning feet. Typically a Doppler will be suggested by your doctor if you show signs of conditions such as deep vein thrombosis. 

The procedure is carried out by the doctor holding a handheld instrument over the skin of your feet. This then produces sound waves that bounce back and forth so that the blood flow can be established. Any reduction in blood loss in your feet can even result in ulcers or the loss of your toes. That’s why it’s crucial for any issues with blood flow in your feet to be discovered as soon as possible. If you have any blood flow issues with your feet this may also prevent you from surgery on your feet should you have an existing deformity. 

Concerning your feet, two types of Doppler ultrasound tests can be carried out:-

  • Ankle Brachial Pressure Index – this is a non-invasive test that aims to pick up on any possible peripheral artery disease and will focus on the veins and arteries within your legs leading down to your feet and focuses on your blood pressure.
  • Toe Brachial Pressure Index – If your ankle index test comes back showing that you have high blood pressure in your ankle then the specialist will then carry out what is referred to as toe brachial pressure index test that focuses on the blood pressure within your toes which can sometimes point to the causes of the blood pressure issues in your leg.

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