Suffer from Hard Skin on the foot? Here are some reasons why should consult a footcare

If you’ve found areas of hardened skin on your foot, there’s no need to be embarrassed. It’s quite a
common problem suffered by people throughout the UK. Medically, they’re referred to as ‘corns’ or
‘calluses’. These areas of hardened skin grow to protect that area of your foot from any form of
irritation. Think of it your body’s defences coming to the aid of your foot. The first thing to assure
yourself about is that these aren’t contagious at all.

These areas of hardened skin may not be painful, to begin with, but over time, they will start to
gradually cause more and more pain. And if you suffer from diabetes or bad circulation areas of
hardened skin can eventually lead to more serious health problems. This is the reason why you
should tackle the problem head-on sooner rather than later to avoid these health problems.
So, what causes these areas of hardened skin? Well, typically they’re caused by your toes rubbing up
against the inside of your shoe or pressure on the balls of your feet. If you’re a woman who wears
high heels this may be a prominent cause.

If you suffer from hardened skin, you’re going to want to seek treatment as soon as you can. Your
first solution may be to seek over the counter solutions, however, these can do more harm than
they can good. You may not notice at first but these ‘treatments will contain a range of chemicals
which can sometimes exacerbate the condition. And those that work won’t solve the problem
permanently but rather for a short period before it returns.

If you want a more permanent solution to hardened skin on your feet, seek the expertise of a foot
care practitioner such as me. We specialize in helping people who’re suffering from a range of foot
health issues including hardened skin. We have seen everything before as well so there’s no need to
feel afraid or embarrassed when showing us your condition with your foot or feet. We deal with
patients in the highest of professionality and discretion.

If you want to know more about how I can help you with hardened skin on your feet. , don’t hesitate
to get in touch with me. I’m more than happy to discuss how I can help and get you back on your
feet. I’ve helped many satisfied clients in the past with all manner of foot-related issues so I’m
confident I can be of assistance to you. There is a range of ways to get in touch with me and there’s
no problem that’s too big to be solved.